In the Land of the Lawn Weenies has ratings and 68 reviews. Denver said: This book is just freaky. It is more scary then the last apprentist for me t. The Weenies series is a series of children’s fantasy short stories written by David Lubar. In the Land of the Lawn Weenies. 36 short horror stories that combine suspense, terror, and humor in small, easy-to -read bites. Not suitable for the squeamish, these tales will delight those wh.

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This book is great for students who have a hard time getting into reading. The first two kind of made me wonder what I’d picked up to read because they were creepy and I thought that little children everywhere would be creeped out. What will happen to the other kids in the book. Point-of-view varies between first-person narration and third-person narration.

A neighborhood is so boring the grown ups are turning into A lot of the other stories are predictable and cliche, though obviously a kid likely won’t realize this. Have the students do a second reading, looking for all the ways the true nature of the characters was hinted at. She offers him a bargain that he foolishly accepts.

But he’s not smart with his mistake.

In the Land of the Lawn Weenies by David Lubar | Scholastic

Like for instatnce a boy named Darren was eating pretzels at this one lady’s house with his friends and the old lady was a witch. Unfortunately, the boy does not annunciate very well. This turns out to be a bad idea. Weenjes don’t really care for these and so I found the book uncomfortably creepy. Return to Book Page. As one boy is walking along in his leather jacket, the jacket tries to bite him. It leaves you asking for more or just makes you want to know what happens next.


When the older brother is mean, he finds out the danger of small things spinning at high speed. When the brother gets tne by a sand shark on dry land, she thinks he is teasing her. The idea of trading up for a larger prize gets less appealing when students understand the math behind the offer. She likes it so much, she doesn’t want to return it, claiming it’s lost, but the library has a special response to this.

The Weenies series

Hiding a book under my desk to read when the teacher wasn’t looking!! One of them are the land of the lawn weenies. Trivia About In the Land of th Back to literary concepts. But actually, dizzy boys make bad wishes. Strange and enjoyable short stories, especially appealing to boys of all ages, in my case. A little like the Grimm Brothers. Dick story, “The Eyes Have It,” which gives a brilliant take on literal language. After reading the whole book, students should be able to analyze the way the stories are set up and even write their own creepy tale.

Want to Read saving…. One girl was creeped out and went into the hall to read by herself every day. One story that sticks in my mind is that of a couple of boys, doing what boys do and lurking around an abandoned creepy house.

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That is why I rated it four stars. My favorite part was when she was running to the house to find out if her dad was lawn mowing because when she was running the dad weenies were coming out of the garage with their lawn mowers and she thought she was to late.

inn A boy takes a rat for a pet after he sees a vampire drink its blood. My thoughts on this book is like confusing because it switches to other stories when the story is done. I mean who honestly goes into a house filled with snakes at midnight? When two boys stumble across a vampire, their courage is tested.

Oct 15, Melissa rated it really liked it. Thousands of kids and educators across the country have voted Hidden Talents onto over twenty state lists. This is a good demonstration of ecology in the original meaning of the word, where it dealt with life-cycles and the interdependence of various life forms. Everybody likes the change, except for one child.

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