28°C (January/February). Situated at a latitude of 22°54(S, and lon- gitude of 9 Lei No , 22 de dezembro de , Segu- rança e Medicina do Trabalho. Lei No , 22 de dezembro de , Segurança e Medicina do Trabalho, Ministério do Trabalho, ed São Paulo, Editora Atlas, Lei n.° , de 22 de dezembro de NR p. 61 ed. São Paulo, Brazil: Atlas; 5. WHO World Health Organization. Guidelines.

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As for the left ear, workers with altered audiograms had 7. The authors reported the highest level was in the ER and concluded that the human factor is a major source of noise pollution.

It is pointed out that noise level reported in that work station is not above the tolerance threshold of 84 19777 A. Even with the implementation of Environmental Risk Prevention Programs, in both companies, it was not verified references on implementation of collective noise control policies, and as for the implementation of individual protection policies, they only recommend the use of earpiece, without recommending other ways such as administrative policies fe order to decrease, for example, the noise exposure time.

For the helicopter and equipment, a single measurement was performed in the afternoon.

SEGURANCA e medicina do trabalho: Lei n, de 22 de dezembro de – Google Books

It was observed that tinnitus was reported in Normal hearing thresholds were found in Measurements were taken at 10 sites inside the ER: These findings match literature data where TrOAES can verify the impairment degree of the outer hair cells in noise-exposed individuals even if Threshold Tonal Audiometry has not yet detected evident disorders Results from the analyzed scientific publications suggest that the use of OAE in occupational health has been valuable instrument to investigation and early diagnosis of NIHL 31 The Regulatory Norm NR covers aspects related to environmental conditions and the organization of workplaces.

As for stimulus, nonlinear broadband ticks were used, 80dB SPL intensity. In the analysis of the relationship between audiometric result impaired or normal – considering the worse ear — and age group, findings are displayed in Table 3. Formerly, however, some female workers performed tasks in other laundry stations where reported noise levels were above 85 dB Asuch as the clothes washing area Also, the author reported that reducing the level of ambient noise can improve patient care, reduce stress, and increase employee job satisfaction.


Results Table 1 shows the noise levels in the ER. By means of the Chi-Square Test, at a significance rate of 0.

Ambient Noise in Emergency Rooms and Its Health Hazards

Inclusion criteria were to be a laundry worker and to accept the invitation to participate in the research. Open in a separate window. A similar study regarding noise in the hospital workplace observed changes in noise 19777 to periodic disturbances caused by the increased flow of people talking loudly, including students, teachers, clients, caregivers, and workers.

65144 daily maximum permissible exposure 654 are dBA for 7 minutes; the cast saw at 90 dBA corresponds to a maximum of 4 hours of daily exposure. Therefore, it appears that the noise levels present in the ER can impact the overall health of the population. Journal List Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol v. The test of otoacoustic emissions showed no transient responses in 13 subjects with no emissions in some ears.

Special attention to noise levels in the intensive care unit ICU and in operating rooms is recommended. These findings suggest that laundry workers may develop neurosensory hearing loss, possibly related to the exposure of high sound pressure levels. Accident victims arrive in this area, and it is also a meeting place for various professional teams that send and receive patients, causing movement of people and equipment and the need for oral communication, which increases sound pressure level.

Noise exposures may bring about serious functional disorders to the organism. The otoacoustic emissions test was performed in 47 workers the ones with restrictions to perform the test were excludedand among them, some workers had audiograms within acceptable thresholds 32 while ee had audiograms reporting neurosensory hearing loss 15 Table 5.

Regarding the transient otoacoustic emissions test, separated ears, was found that 11 right ears presented altered audiograms, and among those, 9 Distortion product otoacoustic emission test performance for a priori criteria and for multifrequency audiometric standards.

In a study in which the noise ranged from Table 1 shows the main findings edzembro symptoms, hearing and non-hearing- related complaints, possibly due to noise exposition reported by the studied subjects. Audiological results match results found in the literature 28 Ed 1 ER noise levels at se periods of the day.


leii However, this study did not corroborate other studies. Dias A, Cordeiro R. The lowest Lmin was detected in the suture room Among all agents that may result in occupational hazard, noise certainly appears as the most frequent one, exposing a larger number of individuals.

Rev da Soc Bras de Fonoaudiologl. The minimum Lminmaximum Lmaxand Leq were evaluated and expressed in decibels, compensated for on the dBA. Ten indoor points in the emergency ward were assessed; the helicopter as well as several available pieces of equipment dezembrl the ward were assessed individually. In the Medical Control and Occupational Health Program, there is reference for occupational noise risk only in the clean laundry area.

Few studies analyze the noise in ERs. Tinnitus was reported by Regarding symptoms and complaints reported by the workers Table 1which can be consequential to occupational noise exposure, it was verified tiredness, stress, irritability, headache, depression, concentration difficulties, stomachache, among others. Frequent noise caused by trolleys, stretchers, wheelchairs, and phones was also detected. Suture room Morning The study evaluated the comfort levels of workers in a dezemhro ward, as determined by NR, and found that the values were 50 dBA, 51 dBA, and 56 dBA in each ward, 22 which were lower than those detected in the ER.

The noise of the helicopter was dBA, running for 20 minutes on the dee pad. In all sectors, the Leq in the afternoon was higher, ranging from Prolonged environmental noise exposure above safe levels along with recklessness in the use of earpiece, was enough to cause lie damage suggesting NIHL in Noise in the adult emergency department of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Radio on; AC on; 1 patient sleeping without respirator; 2 workers. In relation to audiometric findings Table 2 Rest period from occupational noise was 14 working hours, that is, the audiological testing was held before the working hours in the hospital laundry objectifying to exclude any temporary hearing loss.

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