Leboyer is often mistaken as a proponent for water births. Although Frédérick Leboyer, in Birth Without Violence (), p. Thirty seven years on from the publication of Birth Without Violence, you might imagine that its author, Frederick Leboyer, who is now 93, had. About the importance of the right circumstances during birth.

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Birth without Violence

Written by a French doctor, this book is actually poetry, which I did not expect. How is it that these very simple ideas could be cotton-candied out into a whole book of goopy sloppy oozy prose? Now we know how important the first two hours are for mum and baby, how to promote a successful breastfeeding during this time, how the instinct of the baby sends him toward the nipple.

Violehce book is certainly appropriate for expectant parents, especially if they have had no exposure or information on natural childbirth.

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Frederick Leboyer: ‘Babies are overlooked in labour’

I feel like he took God right out of the birth Oct 04, Jessica rated it it was amazing. He also recommends a less abrupt and dramatic transition for the baby upon birth: I didn’t agree with everything.

So this is the way to talk to the newborn: The book breaks down the harmful and distressing practices of birth and re-writes them from the child’s point of view, withoht how that might feel, and encouraging us all withiut empathise and do what we can to make this new little pe I absolutely loved the focus on the baby.

Because they are modest and shy, they shun the light, prefer darkness, night. Although the voice is often too hippie dippy for my taste, the author does raise many very good issues pertaining to birth. I liked the respect for leobyer baby, and the clever evaluation on what it needs and how it might perceive standar assistance.

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I, of course, have told this story to all of my children, waiting for the time when I could speak of it to a specialist. The philosophical poem about childbirth that helped create the natural childbirth movement of the ‘s. Il sole si alza forse di colpo? Incredible and profound piece of art. I was led to this book on reading a book review written by Caleb Gattegno in This book is certainly appropriate for expectant parents, es Although the author draws heavily on Eastern philosophy and is rather dramatic for shock appeal, I appreciated many of the subjects he examined.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. The best part is the pictures of the cute newborns. Although modern medicine has given us many advantages in health care, the circumstances of birth have completely changed.

Wanted to read this in part because I always hear this book referenced and this guy quoted and I just wanted to read the original. Sensations are felt more acutely, more strongly by the child, because they are all new, and because his skin is so fresh, withot tender, while our blunted deadened senses have become indifferent.

The result of age, or maybe of habit.

Frédérick Leboyer – Wikipedia

The style of writing is highly dramatic however, and tends to drag on and on describing the birthing process. But before such knowledge was made public, this must have been an extremely revolutionary text, a I liked the respect for the baby, and the clever evaluation on what it needs and how it might perceive standar assistance.

I was born inon June Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. At first, it tried to get on my nerves, but I was alert because my wife couldn’t get past the first couple of pages due to the writing style. Beautiful book that helps you to step back and imagine what it lebkyer be like for a baby to be born from the baby’s point of view.

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Per toccarsi, per accarezzarsi, vanno a mettersi al buio. His version isn’t cruel, but the separation of mother and baby at that leblyer is, in my opinion, not necessary. Makes me want to hop in a time machine and bitch-slap them all.

Provided a baby was breathing, and its life wasn’t in danger, what mattered most after birth was skin-to-skin contact — and gentleness.

Above all, this is about respect sithout Nature and respect for the natural process of birth and life. In short, everything begins in paradox. Instead of the images of bright lights, screaming babies and distraught mothers, the process described here is one of peaceful calm, which definitely sounds appealing to any parent-to-be. The initial response was not, he recalls, favourable.

Birth without Violence by Frédérick Leboyer

At the moment of my birth, in a little leeboyer near here, she threw her daughter down off the bed and leaped onto witjout, trying to strangle me. Birth without Violence revolutionized the way we perceive the process of birth, urging us to consider birth from the infant’s point of view.

Views Read Edit View history. Many doctors at the time even thought newborns to be blind at birth! To touch the child very gently and slowly, with empathy. I get that birth is “violent”, but it needs to be rough to get the baby’s system read I couldn’t get past the first few pages.

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