A Kustom Stompa is a single model equipped with a deff kannon, a supa-gatler, three big shootas, a twin big shoota, three supa-rokkits, a skorcha, the Gaze of. Essentially, the Stompa is a smaller version of an Ork Gargant and is on tabletop, although you can proxy a Kustom Stompa as one by giving. The Kustom stompa is a smaller version of the ork Stompa. Equiped with a large hammer and small gun. it is best used in large numbers.

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At the start of any of your turns you may attempt to deploy this model, if so, kustmo a D6 and consult the table below all deployments count as moving, so unless specified the Stompa may not move until your next turn. Seriously that roller is only going to tickle the feet of a Warlord Titan.

Kustom Ork Stompa – The Guvna!!! – DA TROPHY RACK – Da WAAAGH

Hide old embed code. Sign In Create Account. Back to top 12 Badfang Brassaxe Posted 16 January – Combine this with the relatively ‘advance’ materials needed to construct this Stompa and its very specific niche as a close-range anti-infantry Titan and you got yourselves a toy that could rival an Emperor Titan in exclusive ownership. These are essentially suped-up Stompas which straddle the border between a regular Stompa and a Gargant.

If you roll a 1 in the next turn trying to deploy this model then it is treated as “gotten bored and started fighting itself” and is treated as slain. Decided on Bloo as the color for this stompa. Experimented with heat coloration of the exhausts. Hivefleet Oblivion Infiltrating Broodlord.

So just one question, what’s next after for the little turret on top, of course? They must have been 2 miles away when we heard the crack, but we barely had time to lift our weapons before they kustpm on us and then If you don’t like that then take it up with them, its not like im bending a badly written rule.


I Agree the stock stompa looks like a woman wearing a dress. Additionally you can put in a twin-link Skorcha kuxtom the Stompa’s face to proxy the Flame Belcha.

I wrote this thread because I am genuinely unsure of the differences. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Still, when you want to punch an enemy Titan or one of those pesky Forge World -produced Knights in the face, accept no substitutes.

An’ coz he’s so luvley lookin’ ‘eres a few more! If this model is reduced to 0 wounds, roll a D6 before removing it from the battlefield and before any embarked models disembark.

So it might get better. Also keep in mind that many of the weapons listed in the ork codex are a lot better than the ones listed in IA: Stimpa ORK keyword is used in following Orks datasheets: Copy and paste the HTML below into your website:.

The model however is going to need MOAR guns!!! Of course, the creation of a Mek Stompa often over shines his Warboss’ glory if he builds it first, with many Orks flocking towards its banner, bringing with them more Meks, more teef and in a circuitous way, more Stompas, thereby boosting the Mek’s influence to even rival that of his Warboss.

In addition, this model can move and fire Heavy weapons without suffering the penalty to its hit rolls. Like most Orkish machinery, each Stompa is a unique effigy kusgom their gods Gork and Morkwith each having a different layout and appearance to be distinguishable from one another. On a 6 it explodes, and each unit within 2D6″ suffers 2D6 mortal wounds.

Finally, this model only gains a bonus to its saving throws for being in cover if at least half of the model is obscured from the firer. If it ain’t giving the boyz the chance to go deep into enemy formations and crumping some punks face to face than what’s the point? So far it’s been very effective on the table and my warboss is yet to die in over 10 matches This message was edited 1 time.

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Mabey something out of the IA8 book. And I haven’t ‘riveted’ any of the panels yet Badfang Brassaxe and Snarknit Grokguzz like this. No registered users and 0 guests.

If you have the “paint it purple” wargear then enemy units may only target this model with shooting attacks unless it is the closest unit. A pure close combat Stompa, it has two giant claws, and can punch out other Titans in one round of close combat. Base is made from layered craft foam torn to create a stone look, as well as dtompa bits and Sector Imperialis pieces.

Seems like a weird place to put something stompaa to an entire different codex. I did no drawing or planning Kustpm name comes from the Ork word for Human Ork-wannabes that join up with an Ork warband, paint themselves green, and fight beside the proper Boyz: Wot did vey fink wuz gonna happen aey?

I thought not so theres nothing to see here!

Deploy the Stompa within 1″ of any enemy units aka, into melee with that unitif that unit lacks the TITANIC keyword then it takes D3 stompaa wounds as the Stompa accidentally steps on them. Kannon – – – – – Choose a profile when firing this weapon. Bits from multiple different kits went into this bad boy!

It is also essential to equip it with a Gaze of Mork and a assortment of rokkits and shootas.

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