Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin. Add to Wishlist. Hobgoblin. By: John Coyne Scott plunges deeper and deeper into the dreamlike allure of Hobgoblin until more than. Hobgoblin is just a game. Ballycastle is just a house. Scott is just a lonely teenage boy. Until one Hallowe’en, a Hobgoblin kills everyone he loves. Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin by John Coyne. Published July by Berkley Books. pages. So last night I finished my long-overdue reread of.

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As a book, it’s pretty much one-star, forgettable trash, joyn I have a funny, personal story associated with it that makes it memorable to me.

But Hobgoblin was so much better. Looking forward to Samhain as well!

HOBGOBLIN by John Coyne | Kirkus Reviews

He is immature, selfish and basically a brat. Exactly what you want to be visited by while you are making out with your girlfriend.

The other thing they had joyn common was a concern that these games may be harmful for troubled or neurotic teens who became obsessed with them.

The only reason this book gets a 2 from me is there’s far worse books Mazes and Monsters for one. They have hobgoblkn asking about it, and I keep telling them “Oh it’s a great book, maybe when you are a bit bigger you can handle it.


And I can always find time to come back to Hobgoblin. Open Preview See a Problem? Coyne has written better books. In all fairness, she may be on to something I first got this book in high school. In fact I’m thinking about rereading it now, it’s been awhile. A preteen favorite of mine. Next, I began to search for others who played the game, and within a couple of months had found new friends and a gaming group.

Eric May 21, at 5: During all this, he meets girl named Val who becomes his only friend. I read this book when I was vaguely a teenager. I could be here all day if I were to foyne about all the side characters, so I’ll move on to the inconsistent characterization.


He has to battle the things that become real And I hope your little one likes it too. Dec 04, Jimbo rated it liked it. Hobgoblin by a horror novel by American writer John Coyne. You also mention something that raises a good point: Also, the things I thought were overdone when I read this as a kid; the level of bullying, the concept of a mob of joh partying in a castle He loses his dad and his favorite “Hobgoblin” character on the same day, and likes to be called Brian Boru when he can, as that’s his character’s name.

Hopefully it’s not too far off from coming to fruition. The book starts with Scott Gardiner, a character already starting to show psychological problems though he hides them from others. It’s a bit dated now, but so are we. There is no plot ,His Mom moves to a town for a new job at a castle that just happens to be of Irish origin.


Since then he has written more than twenty books of fiction and nonfiction, and while he has edited three books on golf instruction, this is his first novel about golf, his lifelong passion.

Came hobgohlin at a time that folks were worried about kids getting too caught up in fantasy games.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. You guessed it, weird things start happening.

Hobgoblin by John Coyne (1982, Paperback)

Though this book cast FRP gaming in the worst possible light, the concept tha Along with the better known Mazes and Monsters, this was one of the books written to cash in on the hysterical backlash against fantasy jon playing games in the early ’80s.

Uzumaki 3-in-1, Deluxe Edition Includes vols. One of the best scenes was the one in the graveyard with Valerie, that one had me on the edge of my seat.

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