18 Series of IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Pursuant to Section 4(h), Article II of Republic Act No. Submission of Fire and Safety Assessment Report (FALAR). Memorandum Circular No. New Electrical Engineering Law (RA ). • NBC FORMS. • LEGAL OPINIONS. • P.D. (National Building Code ). • R.A. (Civil Engineering Law). • R.A. (New Architecture Act of ).

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Queries or com-munications which do not require collective official actionor reply by the Board, or which are ministerially actionablemay be answered and signed by the Chairman or a BoardMember, or the Secretary of the Professional RegulatoryBoard if authorized by the Chairman. An Electrical Engineer should discharge hisduties with absolute fidelity to his clients and employers,and to act at all times, with fairness and impartiality to all,having due regard to public interest and welfare.

An Electrical Engineer should not divulgeconfidential matters or information which has come to hisknowledge concerning affairs of his client or employers,without fa consent.

All successful candidates in theexamination shall be required to take a professional oathbefore the Board or any government official authorized toadminister oaths prior to entering upon the practice of pro-fessional electrical engineer, registered electrical engineer,registered electrical engineer, and registered masterelectrician.

However, for capaci-ties up to five hundred kilo-volt-amperes Kva andemploying voltages of up to six hundred volts V one 1 registered master electrician;b. The following elements of the report shall be included in the order given below: All applicants for registration and license to prac-tice as professional electrical engineer, registered electri-cal engineer, and registered master electricians, shall besubject to the payment of registration fees, license fees,and fines in case of violation of the pertinent rules and rra for the prescribed by the Board and approved by theCommission: Philippine Electrical Code, Parts 1 and 2: Registration and License Required.


RA 7920 and IRR

Industrial plant or factory refers to manufacturingassembly plants, including engineering shops, ship-yards or other business endeavors where electricalmachinery and equipment are installed. No foreign engineershall be admitted to take a board examination, be given acertificate of registration, or be entitled to any of the rightsand privileges under this Act unless the country of whichhe is a subject or citizen specifically permits Filipino engi-neers to practice within rq territorial limits on the samebasis as the subjects or citizens of such country.

Associate electrical engineers and assistant electricalengineers with valid certificates of registration and pro-fessional license issued under Republic Act No. If disapproved, krr Board shall advise the applicant citing the reasons therefor.

iirr It is his duty to practice his profession accord-ing to this Code of Ethics. Violation of any provision of R. Requirements for Registration as ProfessionalElectrical Engineer. The seal shall be a dry circular seal, consisting of twoconcentric circles, the outer circle being 48 mm in diam-eter and the inner circle being 28 mm in diameter with theappearance of two rings of twisted wires.

The registration of professionalelectrical engineer, registered electrical engineer or reg-istered master electrician commences from the date hisname is entered in the roll of registrants or licensees for hisprofession. Has completed a one-year electricians course ofinstruction from a vocational school recognized bythe Philippine government and, in addition, has atleast three 3 years of apprenticeship after comple-tion of the course of instruction on electrical instal-lation, operation and maintenance of utilizationdevices and equipment; or4.

Publicatio shall not be required of a Board’s resolution, order, directive or circular which is internal, administrative and not affecting the public, and nor penal or disciplinary in nature.

Implementing Rules and Regulations

Perform such other functions and duties as maybe nec-essary to implement effectively this Act. The number of test questions shall be such that theexaminations can be finished in one 1 eight -hour day. The portion of the inner circle above the diametralspace shall contain the name Philippines; and the portionbelow, the registration number. In the enforcement, implementation, and administration ofthe provisions of R. Whenever he finds anEngineer violating the rules of unethical or unprofessionalpractices, he should not hesitate to bring the matter to theproper forum for disciplinary or for other appropriate action.

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He shall submit the relevant and essential requirement for. The Revised Rules of Court shall be supplementaryto the foregoing rules. If the applicant was conditioned in any of the subjects or has completely failed the PEE exams under 9720he may apply for the same PEE grade under RA without undergoing any written examination provided he complies with the requirements outlined under Rule 14 of the herein Rules. The following elements of the report shall be in-cluded in the order given below: Teaching of electrical engineering professionalsubject; and7.

Enforceability of the Boards Decision. Syllabi – outlines embodying topics and concepts of major subjects prescribed in specific courses of study to serve as basis for test questions in the licensure examinations.

Separability Clause – If, for lrr reason, any section or provision of the herein “Rules and Regulations” or the ire of such rules and regulations or provisions to any person or circumstance is declared unconstitutional, unlawful or rw, no other section or provision of this “Rules and Regulations” shall be affected thereby.

He may authorize or designate any of its members or the Secretary of the Professional Regulatory Boards, in case of his absence or indisposition.

An applicant for the examination asRegistered Electrical Engineer shall submit the following: Prior to writing the report, the proposed title and outline shall be submitted to the Board for approval as to subject matter, organization, technical content and presentation.

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