Aug 3, Muhammad and the Believers: At the Origins of Islam. By Fred IN HIS LATEST BOOK, Fred Donner offers a provocative and comprehensive. Muhammad and the Believers has ratings and 33 reviews. Oldroses said: Back in Fred Donner is as captivating an author as he is a lecturer. This book is . Donner, Fred M. Muhammad and the Believers: At the Origins of Islam. Cambridge, MA, and London: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, xviii+

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Most of these troops probably knew little more about the movement they had joined than that a prophet had promised them riches in this world and paradise in the next, in exchange for their willingness to engage in jihad, fighting in the way of God, to van- quish the evil empires of Byzantium and Persia. Shortly thereafter, in C. One of the very few ways to move up donnr society was through the imperial service, particularly the army— some soldiers of peasant origin even rose to be emperor— but this route was only open to a small number of men.

Sign In Forgot password? Some say that Muhammad only turned against the Jews and Christians for failing to accede to his claims later in his muyammad, but using Donner’s research it could be this never occured, beginning only a century after his death with the emergence of Islam as an independent religion.

By the fourth century, Axum had been converted to Christianity and for that rea- son was sometimes allied with Byzantium; but in general our knowl- edge of Axum is very limited, and in any case, Axumite culture did not contribute much to Islamic tradition, whereas both Byzantium and Sasanian Persia did.

Its most extreme practitioners indulged in spectacular— sometimes theatrical— forms of self-denial. In Muhammad and the Believers: Most Arabian oases are small, but a few large oasis towns can be found in northern and eastern Arabia: Harvard University Press Amazon.

And what was the exact nature of their activities?

In donneer Oman, they not only allied themselves with the local rulers, the Julandas, but estab- lished a more direct presence, appointing a Sasanian governor, with a permanent garrison of Sasanian troops based in Rustaq, to keep an eye on this region of strategic and agricultural importance.

The Believers’ eventual full separation from Christianity comes when it is clear the Christians will not abandon their trinitarian views.

The mountainous districts of Lebanon and northern Syria were almost impenetrable and remained for decades untouched. In their view, these passages seem to reflect a concern for the here and now, not for the afterlife. This is a stellar, accessible, and carefully-argued history of the rise of Islam. Published May 15th by Belknap Press first published Donner does not suggest this, possibly because as an ecumenical movement there was no need to augment a new, separate religion when none was needed.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Indian cotton, pepper and other spices, South Arabian incense, and other commodities came to the Muhammae world either on ships that traveled sea routes that skirted Arabia and called at its ports— particularly Muza Mocha and Kane, in South Arabia— or by cara- van through the towns of western Arabia, including Mecca.

Full text of “Muhammad and the Believers”

Some Zoroastrian communities, like Jewish and Christian ones elsewhere, may have tendered their submission and may have been integrated in some way with the community of The Expansion of the Community of Believers Believers. And these notions would have posed few problems for Christians or Jews.

The most celebrated campaigns of the ridda, however, were those of an army of Emigrants and Helpers led by Khalid ibn al-Walid.

Shortly after concluding it, Muhammad or- ganized a large expeditionary force and marched with it on the Jew- ish oasis of Khaybar; this town had long been a key ally of Mecca in its struggle with Muhammad, but it was not explicitly protected by the agreement.

Hoyland, Seeing Islam,slightly modified. And upon those who are able to do it [but do not], redemption is feeding a poor person; but whoever does a good deed of his own accord, that is better for him, and that you fast is better for you, if you could know.

Moreover— and again in sharp contrast to Renan and many subse- quent Western and Muslim scholars— I see the rulers of the Umayyad dynasty not as cynical manipulators of the outward trap- pings of the religious movement begun by Muhammad but as rulers who sought practical ways to realize the most important goals of the movement and who perhaps more than anyone else helped the Be- lievers attain a clear sense of their own distinct identity and of their legitimacy as a religious community.

Then he organized several other forces under reliable com- manders, most of them drawn from Quraysh. Realizing that most of Quraysh would not soon be won over, Muhammad began to preach his message at periodic markets outside Mecca in order to find other supporters.


If you want some insight bellevers the earliest history of Islam, give it a go. In some respects the exact extent of its control at this time remains unclear, but there can be no doubt that it was much larger than even a few years before.

Muhammad and the Believers – Fred M. Donner – Google Books

Particularly noteworthy were large communities of Jews in Iraq Babylonia frd, which with its famous Jewish academies was prob- ably the greatest center of Jewish life and learning in the world at this time. In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Southern Iraq generally constituted a distinct front. Much of Arabia consists of sandy or, more com- monly, rocky desert— the main exceptions being the Yemen in the Arabian deep south and parts of Oman in the southeast, which are blessed with some moisture from the Indian Ocean and water from mountain springs.

It is possible, then, to conjecture that they thought that the events leading to the Last Judgment were actually beginning to unfold before be,ievers very eyes.

Muhammad and the Believers: At the Origins of Islam

With Abd al-Malik gaining eventual supermacy over the Empire by the defeat of al-Zubayr, and consolidation of the Marwannid brach of the Umayyad family as rulers of the empire, we see the inchoate emergence of Islam as we know it today.

Most of the larger towns of northern Arabia had a haram at their core— as well as a good supply free fresh water. Donner does not elaborate on whether odnner form of religious pilgrimage and any fast is acceptable according to the Qur’an, but if it is, then Jews and Christians had no trouble abiding by even five pillars of Islam remembering that Muhammad’s name was not used in the shahada in the early years of Islam, in spite of the horatory in the hagiographic film ‘The Message’.

A clear and persuasive account of the origins and early development of Islam, especially the inclusive nature of the first community. This immediate crisis of leadership seems to have been settled quickly: Muhmamad he was sent with a core force numbering around four thousand troops, including sizable contingents from the Najd, and more troops from the Sarat region and the Belkevers.

Para C2a, with modifications].

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