Florence Shinn was a spiritually oriented author who’s affirmation precepts, first published in , are similar to our own. [Note: A spiritual component adds a. 25 Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations on career, guidance, health, love, prosperity and success. Includes four free books and information on Shinn’s influence. Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations | See more ideas about Florence, Positive affirmations and Positive thoughts.

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I resonated with her no-nonsense way of writing – her words spoke to me, and I became a devoted follower. Are you wondering what affirmations are, how to use affirmations, or how to write your own affirmations?

There is nothing to oppose my good. All channels are free and all doors fly open for my immediate and endless, Divinely Designed supply.

I am an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by Divine Right. Florence Scovel Shinn Various Affirmations. Life works in the sninn wondrous ways. Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free, and endless avalanches of abundance are poured out upon me, under grace in perfect ways. I see clearly this gentle downpour and the manifestation is now.

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Florence Scovel Shinn

All Channels are free! All Doors are open! She took the affirmation: I now release the gold-mine within me. What is mine is given me, under grace. I am fearless in letting money go out, knowing God is my immediate and endless supply.


With God and myself all things are possible. Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free, and endless avalanches of abundance are poured out upon me, under grace in perfect ways. It is a perfect idea in Divine Mind and is always in its right place. I see clearly and act quickly and my greatest expectations come to pass in a miraculous way.

Marriage I give thanks that the marriage made in heaven is now made manifest upon earth. For more information visit Affirmations That Work. I hope you enjoy it. There is no drought in Divine Mind. She described the subconscious mind to be ‘power without direction’.

Below you will find four free books by Florence in PDF format. Click here for more Health Affirmations. Protection I am surrounded xffirmations the White Light of the Christ, through which nothing negative can penetrate. Fire is man’s friend and is always in its right place doing its right work.

All obligations are now wiped out under grace in a miraculous way.

35 Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations For Prosperity & Success

There is no loss of memory in Divine Mind, therefore, I recollect everything I should remember and I forget all that is not for my good. I give thanks for the right amount of rain to nourish these crops or garden.


I now draw from the abundance of the spheres my immediate and endless supply. She was without experience but desired a zhinn position on the stage. Power of the Spoken Word. I first came across her work in as I was beginning my own exploration of the metaphysical world, and I have been enamored of her ever since.

Lesson 1 The Magic Faith of Intuition.

There’s a great chapter called ‘Working with Affirmations’ which includes affirmations on: There is no loss in Divine Mind, therefore, I cannot lose anything that is rightfully mine. My ships come in over a calm sea, under grace in perfect ways.

What is rightfully mine is given me under florenfe.

Affirmations by Florence Scovel Shinn

I deny any appearance of disorder. I now release the gold-mine within me. It will be restored or I will receive its equivalent. All that is mine by Divine Right is now released and reaches me in great avalanches of abundance, under grace in florsnce ways.

Click here for a range of affirmations with fun images.

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