Chilling Look at the Worldwide, Multi Billion dollar Conspiracy of lies that is Amway and its Motivational Organizations [Eric Scheibeler] on Eric Scheibeler, a former high level distributor for Amway, details his experience with the push to attend company events, in his book Merchants of Deception. I just finished Merchants of Deception and I’m wondering if anyone knows how the author is doing now? How his lawsuits ended, stc.?.

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Merchants of Deception – Written by a former government auditor and high level Amway insider who was the last one who wanted to discover massive consumer fraud. It’s abundantly clear the author has become obsessed with the need to somehow make up for his part in victimizing others through recruitment–although he had no idea that’s what he was doing and stopped once he did realize he was harming people.

You get all kinds of interesting inside information: He would have to find another way. Anyone thinking of joining Amway or anyone with a friend or relative thinking of joining needs to read this. After all, the suggestion that it came from Scheibeler gives her a little journalistic cover.

One thing Mr Scheibeler claims that I am inclined to believe is that distributors from Emerald upwards were making a fortune from the sale of business tools. What on earth are you talking about? Where do MLMs manufacture their products? Paul caught me watching some stuff on the Scientology website and staring freaking out that I was scneibeler to become a Scientologist.

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Posts that attack someone’s appearance, unrelated beliefs e. The science behind the importance of phytonutrients is overwhelming these days.

Hey, controversy is good. I glossed over a lot of the quotes from the Amway seminars and tapes The last part, after he finally leaves Amway, reads more like writing-as-therapy than anything. That is the professional way to handle marketing. Subscribe to the RSS feed! Also, mate, I’m sorry for your trouble an’ that but just because you voluntarily purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of motivational tapes from scumbags in shiny suits who told you were worthless does not mean you were “repeatedly raped”.

Lists with This Book. If these were appropriately addressed, the rich leaders may take home a bit less, but this would be a great business.

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Still by the products. Open Preview See a Problem? There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I came across this self-published manuscript when I started researching multi-level marketing MLM companies, as a result of someone I know trying to recruit me into a incarnation of the scam.

He has caused untold damage to millions of Independent Erc Owners. Author, Speaker, Presidential Historian. Their own personal moral code required them to expose the Amway cult for what it is in the hopes of tumbling this evil giant and preventing the defrauding of any other fric.

Two sales out of 2 nights for a beginner is good!


Efforts should be made to be in that special place, but knowing that many will suffer disappointments. Only just started but am rivited thus far.

I know the feeling. If you know of any, please let me know. It might be only one side of schribeler story, but it’s a side that needs to be heard. And my experience with some of the MLM critics quite bad, which will surely stir up a fuss. I suspect the decision to go with the triglyceride form for Nutrilite was made when earlier research indicated there was a difference, but it was not sensible to change formulations when conflicting research came out.

So now for another dose of truth.

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Amway has a wide range of products. Eric Scheibeler tells it in a very forthright manner and with great honesty about his own personal horror journey within Amway, which not undeservedly has the nickname Scamway. That was a downright lie! In fact, I am even today, correcting this blog from yesterday. Upon breaking away from the decade long brainwashing they suffered at the hands of Amway professionals and its distributorship program, Scheibeelr and Patty faced attacks on many fronts.

Eventually I ended up moving abroad. What did you do wrong?

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