Resumo Introdução: A Síndrome de Down (SD), de todas as síndromes genéticas é a mais comum. Na Equoterapia, os movimentos tridimensionais. Equoterapia é um método terapêutico que utiliza o movimento do cavalo para resultados funcionais, realizada em praticantes com síndrome de Down (SD). Síndrome de Down – Projeto de Equoterapia e Hidroterapia. likes · 1 talking about this. Esta página foi criada para divulgar os valores e as.

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Similarly, Alexandre et al. The respiratory system in muscular distrophy.

In one study evaluating respiratory muscle strength in 45 subjects, of which 15 suffered from intellectual disability, 15 had Down syndrome and 15 were classified as having no mental disability, Silva et al.

This study demonstrates that hippotherapy benefits respiratory muscle strength in individuals with Down syndrome, and that the youngest subjects had the best results.

For this study, we used the horse step gait. Discussion It was observed, in the present study, that sindroome both genders the mean values of the tasks performed by sindrme Hippotherapy group were superior when compared to the individuals of the control group.

Effects of hippotherapy on posture in individuals with Down Syndrome

The same result was found by Maia 39 who carried out a research with DS patients, aiming to verify the influence on the number of weekly sessions of physical activity in the level of motor coordination. Discussion The results of the present study, whose goal was to evaluate posture before and after hippotherapy, indicated favorable changesin postural alignment.

The exclusion criteria were: Services on Demand Journal. Hippotherapy has become widespread as a therapeutic agent justified by its goals of stimulating the individual as a whole, favoring the neuromotor functions. Materials and methods This study was a cross-sectional, analytical, observational study.

This is a factor associated with deficit of torso muscle strength, which in turn results in loss of respiratory muscle strength. However, one inclusion criterion was having a minimum of 3 months of hippotherapy activity twice per week, making 24 months the mean time of this activity for the PG.

Previously, medical records of patients with diagnosis of DS attending APAE were analyzed to obtain data such as age, sex and medications in use. The sum of the four quotients represents the motor quotient MQwhich can be presented in percentage or absolute values, allowing to classify the children according to their level of coordinative development: All measurements were performed with the nostrils closed with a nasal clip, in order to prevent air from escaping through the nose.

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O praticante deve ser visto na equoterapia de forma integral, ou seja, o individuo como um todo, um ser atuante em sua terapia e em sua vida.

In this sndrome, hippotherapy represents a therapeutic approach to improve the postural alignment in DS children who usually present postural changes.

The analyses were done individually and the post-test was performed after thirteen treatment sessions. Study of the therapeutic effects of an advanced hippotherapy simulator in children with cerebral palsy: Disagreeing with this study, Collet et al. Although not significant in the present study, the male gender of the Equootherapy group presented better results in the task of balance beam MQ1in which the mean of the boys in this group was These statements equoterapai explain the low levels found in some KTK tasks, especially those involving jumps, in which individuals were tired quickly, since the need to jump as fast as sindrone.

We used an inferential statistic from the Levene test to verify the homoscedasticity of the variables, evaluating the equality or non-variances between the variables of the groups.


After this process, the institutions indicated 45 children and adolescents with SD with the desired characteristics. Observations on ethinic classification of idiots.

Mounted on the horse, the individual receives neuromotor stimuli from the animal’s back that require muscular adjustments of the trunk, promoting the control of muscular activity and maintenance of the most adequate postural alignment For this study, we selected only individuals who were starting the practice of hippotherapy along with the proposed study and were not undergoing conventional physical therapy.

The 45 agreed and their legal guardians signed the TCLE. These data show that individuals who practice Hippotherapy perform better in tests that involve balance, laterality, energy, strength and speed when compared to individuals with the same syndrome who do not perform Hippotherapy.

Effect of hippotherapy in the global motor coordination in individuals with Down Syndrome

Segundo Negri et al. How to cite this article. This is an Open D article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The evolution of DS treatment is undergoing important advances.

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Comparing the data available from the middle of the last century, it is possible to perceive the increase in the life expectancy of this population 5.

During hippotherapy sessions,no activity or extra exercise was performed, being transmitted to the patient only the three-dimensional motion provided by the horse. Silkwood-Sherer D, Warmbier H. Also, the cluster analysis was equoterzpia for grouping different variables according to their similarity.

Temas multidisciplinares de equotefapia e aprendizagem — Sociedade Brasileira de Neuropsicologia. Dev Med Child Neurol. Like Brito 37who analyzed the motor coordination in children with DS, evaluated the influence of capoeira practice in this population and observed superior results for males in all tests. After marking the points, subjects were positioned at their natural posture on pasteboard fixed to the ground 30 cm away from the plumb line and their feet were marked on the paper using a graphite, aiming to take photos with the same support base amplitude and positioning dwn the feet, thus preventing rotation of the trunk and limbs.

However, it should be noted that one of the limitations of this study is that it does not present an experimental sinvrome with control of the intervening variables, such as not having the information of motor coordination before the same begin the practice of Hippotherapy, but as a comparative study of practicing groups and non-practitioners of Hippotherapy equoterapi identify significant differences leading to understand that the realization of experimental studies can present relevant results and that equine therapy should be stimulated dpwn children with DS, promoting a greater incentive by specialized institutions such as public policies.

Horseback riding in children with cerebral palsy: A by test or B by the overall value of the MQ Medeiros M, Dias E. For comparisons data before and after hippotherapy sessions, we used the t-test.

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