Emerald Empire: The Legend Of Five Rings Companion was the fourth source book for Third Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. AEG L5R Emerald Empire O – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read book online for free. From what I can gather Emerald Empire simply explores the world of rokugan, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy to flip through.

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Thus the Great Clans of Rokugan were born. This unprecedented emotion was the first Sin, and created one third of the world. Finally, the first century saw the adoption of Shinsei’s words into the organized religion of Shintao, and the formation of Bushido, the samurai code of honor.

Without clear threats on the horizon, the people of Rokugan set their minds to developing their culture. Chagatai was ultimately unsuccessful in his attempt.

Hida finally destroyed the abomination that had been his on, and succumbed to his wounds shortly after. The second century was a time of peace and production, and those who lived during this era found great pride in the newly formed samurai way. Iuchiban’s lieutenants spread chaos through the Empire with small, nearly unrecognizable events.

Well, you already know this is one of the best RPGs ever produced from the core rule book, but maybe you doubt they could keep up such perfection. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. If you have already purchased the L5R 4th edition core rule book and Enemies of the empire then you’re already hooked. Thus one child was saved, and Lord Moon fell into a deep slumber. Osaku died, her life force consumed by her mighty spell, and the Maw’s armies resumed their attack.

They attempted to make friends and allies among the other Great Clans, but had only limited success at first, mainly with the Crab and the Crane.


I do wonder about a book called ‘Thousand Years of Peace’ for further characters, places, and history. Sadly, the other Great Clans did not learn as much as the Empie from this near-disaster.

Write a customer review. Her followers uncovered and executed Gozoku traitors quickly, helped by several high-profile members who repented. However, this era of optimism slowly fell into corruption after the Gozuku took over.

This time the Empire would face a clear enemy, the Shadowlands. The Wall, however, stopped them where nothing else could. The Thunders sealed Fu Leng’s soul into twelve magical scrolls, the Black Scrolls, and banished him from the mortal realm. The unsuspecting Empire had never seen such powerful beasts and could do little to prevent the collapse of its defenses.

But the mortals prevailed.

Emerald Empire: Fourth Edition

The Kuni lands had become Tainted, and cleansing them would reduce them to a gray and lifeless wasteland. The Crab entered into a misguided alliance with the Shadowlands, a decision they would come to bitterly regret. He and his clan assaulted the capital, killed the Emperor, and attempted to seize control of Rokugan by force.

Honestly, L5R 4th Edition has been putting emerrald some amazing books, and this is no different. The war of the Spirits pitted man against revered ancestor in a conflict that lasted a decade. His death sparked great debate across the Empire, for he had not formally declared an heir. Slowly but surely, Rokguan was losing the war. Other clans sent aid and supplies, and the Great Carpenter Wall was finally completed with no time to spare.

History of the Emerald Empire – Legend of the Five Rings

These two institutions would come to play vital roles in Rokguan’s governance. These men were not yet truly samurai, lacking a fully developed code of conduct, but they were all noble men who listened to their own sense of justice. On what was later recorded in the history books as the Day of Thunder, the heroes of Rokugan faced Fu Leng in personal combat for the fate of the Empire and the world. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.


The Maw’s army advanced relentlessly, overrunning the Hiruma lands and threatening to crush the entire Crab Clan.

This event marked the first time any family had ever seceded from a Great Clan. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. All new information, including new schools and returning favorites such as the Shinjo Bushi and the Ikoma Lion’s Shadow.

The weakened Emperor succumbed to Fu Leng’s power, and brought Shadowlands creatures into the heart of Rokguan to prepare for the Second Day of Thunder. This book goes a long way to giving people that familiarity. Among the most prominent was the Tribe of Isawa, named for their leader, the most powerful spell-caster known to exist in the mortal realm. Yajinden’s bloodswords incapacitated the leaders of three powerful Great Clans and would have done even more were it not for the caution and guidance of the Scorpion Clan Champion.

Iuchiban raised these bodies into profane undead mockeries of what they once were. It was a time of minor battles and skirmishes for political gain. Togashi, who had foreseen the outcome of the tournament, did not participate. After each child was consumed, she brought her husband a drink of drugged sake.

Although the Crab had prevailed, they paid a bitter price. While Tsudao, Sezaru, and Kaneka battled Daigotsu’s minions, Naseru managed to undermine Daigotsu’s relationship with Fu Leng, suggesting that Daigotsu held too much power and would one day challenge the dark god.

It was into this environment that the Kami descended.

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