to designers’ needs and now makes available a catalogue on DVD with CAD 2D and. 3D drawings of all its products. General index. ELESA+GANTER is the name of the commercial joint-venture between the two world leaders in the design and manufacture of standard machine elements. Search in Ganter catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.

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This primary process may be followed by secondary operations such as machining, finishing, assembly, decoration to customize the product tampoprintingpackaging to guarantee adequate protection during datalogue and identification of the product. For some thermoplastics, for which the mechanical properties vary significantly in relation to the percentage of moisture absorbed see paragraph 1.

ELESA – Free CAD models – G – GN – Revolving handles – Steel – TraceParts

Mechanical Properties Of Plastic Products. Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide-based PA technopolymers. Components with cross holes to GN are not only offered at very competitive prices but they also save the manufacturer unnecessary drawing work. With ascending numbers, the size of the tolerance increases.

They can be replaced by clamping kits GN description see table of dimensions. Italy and Otto Ganter GmbH Germanythat manufacture and distribute to world-wide level the more than Maximum continuous working temperature: I n addition to black, which represents the most commonly used colour for plastic and metal components, a large number of standard elements in this catalogue are available in the following colours: The mean values obtained in the breaking test, shown in the tables for the various models and expressed in [J], correspond to the breaking work L of the element subjected to repeated impacts, with the falling height of the percussion weight being increased by 0.

Zinc-plated steel, blue passivated. During the screwing operation, the capsules open under the pressure caused by the friction between the two threads.

In addition, for thermoplastics Technopolymerstemperatures close to their softening point could be reached with the risk of the metal insert coming loose.

See also Assembly instructions type G or type P. The shaft rotary movement can take place directly on the inner diameter of the spherical cap, made of self-lubricating material.



Some limitations in specific applications. AISI stainless steel boss, threaded blind hole. This series of fold-away handles has been designed for all those applications for which, owing to lack of space or for safety reasons, the handle must be folded-away once cataloghe operation has been completed. The tables in chapter 12 describe the chemical composition and mechanical strength as per the reference standards for the metals used.

Our wide range of Standard Parts and Machine Elements

All the graduations are available for minimum quantities that depend on the size of the knob and on the type of graduation chosen. During the closing movement the arm is guided on catalgue sides to prevent it from being affected by possible side thrust.

The elastic coupling, by press-fit assembly on h9 tolerance drawn stock bars, is not affected by vibrations and prevents the handle from slipping off.

Special executions and accessories For sufficient quantities: The handles may therefore also be assembled on pins made from normal drawn parts. Specific resistance tests have been carried out using specific equipment for accelerated ageing testing, in accordance with the ISO standard, and setting the following parameters: Zinc-plated steel flat and two-point closing lever, thickness 3 mm. T he universally recognised classification used to describe the reaction of plastics to flames is obtained from two tests defined caatlogue UL Underwriters Laboratories, USA.

A corporate culture strongly committed to product quality, combined with an innate sensitivity for design and ergonomic research has led to the creation of products unique and recognizable worldwide as ELESA products.

By so doing catalogke relevant position phase between the indicator and the handwheel can be changed by a small effort, but enough to avoid any accidental phase displacement.

Where a higher chemical and thermal resistance is required, that is, for products in the HCX. Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based PA technopolymer, black colour, matte finish. Use is made of a electronic dynamometer that applies increasing torque values as shown in Figure 1.

Legislation and standardization Research and Innovation. BJTS are joints whose body is made of made and the field in high polyamide. P lastic is a ganted conductor of heat and has a different thermal expansion coefficient ctalogue that of the metal inserts so measures must be taken, while remachining the hole, to stop the hubs and bushings from overheating: Glass-fiber reinforced polyamide based PA techno polymer. Compliance with International Standards. Hardened and tempered steel.


The catalohue is also such as to ensure that the handle does not come out even when cattalogue to a normal pulling action along its axis. However, a rough matte finish makes it more difficult to clean and handle the component after prolonged use.

To order an article with microencapsulated glue, add the abbreviation MVK to the product description. RAL black colour SW, matte finish, epoxy resin coating. The area A contains the values that refer to shaft with a commercial diameter of 12 mm tol.

The designer must therefore take into account an adequate safety coefficient according to the application and specific operating conditions vibrations, dynamic loads, working temperatures at the limits of the allowed temperature range. Download Catalog [GN 60]. Slides and end plates: The main technologies used for the manufacture of plastic products are: Another benefit is the option of operating the clamp with one hand.

Plastic, PUR, grey, Steel gantef, zinc plated. The play between the screw and the nut screw is filled with polyamide, thus ensuring a high degree of contact between the remaining uncoated threaded surfaces. To ensure that the magnetic properties adhesive forces are not impaired, the fixing screws must be made of non-magnetic material magnetically non-conductive.

Details Lock housing versions: GN grub screws with ball terminal are suitable for catalofue or supporting pieces to be machined. Phenolic based PF Duroplast. Cataloguf has designed and manufactured standard machine elements for more than years. The self-locking bushing made of special technopolymer enables an elastic coupling to be obtained and the handle itself maintains all its surface hardness and wear resistance gamter of thermosetting materials.

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