I had dreamed of being on Deosai since Eventually got there in the summer of It was every bit like the descriptions I had read in. Deosai: Land of the Giant 25 April Bookmark and Share. From DEOSAI: THE LAND OF THE GIANT – available at Sang-e-Meel Publications. For centuries, it is believed that this place is haunted by giants, thus the name ‘ The Land of the Giants’ came into being. The weather in quite.

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Yasmeen Apr 28, Thanks Mr Bilal for exploring the Daosai with pictures, i really enjoyed to read your journey story. The book will be available at Sang e Meel as soon as it comes out early in October. How giabt you get there?

Deosai: The land of giants

Very beautiful pictures indeed. This is soooooooooo beautiful AYZA Apr 28, OMG Pure beauty, appeasing and refreshing Thanks for the photographer.


I hav made some pics my Wallpaper: It is always a dream for a writer to publish his own book and if I can I will surely get hold of this a read it Asim Apr 28, In retrospect today, I think they could use a lot more than just a net and hat to keep Deosai spotless in the years ahead.

People are so ignorant they don’t hesitate to throw garbage there on such a beautiful land.

Deosai National Park

There are few people in Pakistan who read – and fewer yet who read English. Sheosar is basiccally “So’ser'”.

Once again thanks Dawn. I was there last year. Shireen Apr 28, This is a beautiful post about Deosai!

The soils of this area are severely eroded, of a coarser nature and mixed with gravel and stones of various material and sizes. Shoesar lake is the most beautiful place in Deosai planes infact Pakistan.

BooksDeosaiDeosai: He had just wiped his tears while the Pakistani flag was hoisted at the grave. Messi giqnt Ronaldo’s challenge. This area is heaven on earth and your photographic skills make it even more beautiful.


Land of the Gaint – New. Things to Do 12 Hotels 3 Restaurants 5.

Deosai Plains: Welcome to surreal Pakistan – Pakistan –

A hundred years ago, humans would consider uninhabited and far-off places too frightening to visit. MAsood Apr 28, Am proud of the country of my ancestors.

Thanks n keep it up. Thanks for sharing the beautiful place. In this age of industrialisation and commercialisation, with scores of amusement facilities offered in the metropolis, the number of people visiting these forsaken lands in thd northern areas of the country is increasing.

All things to do in Skardu

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