Bibliographic information. QR code for Czekając na Godota. Title, Czekając na Godota Lektura z Opracowaniem – BGW · Lektura z Opracowaniem – Fundacja. Samuel Beckett, “Czekając na Godota”. 4 likes. Book. OCLC Number: Reproduction Notes: Electronic reproduction. [S.l.]: HathiTrust Digital Library, MiAaHDL. Description: 1 online resource (

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They are stuck in a place with a tree and they are waiting for Godot. The stage directions are probably more important than the dialogue, which is often insipid and highly repetitive. Anyone who has ever heard of it. Shakes head You know you must simply wait here.

I mean, their handling. It has too many Falstaffs. Maybe with a slight change in mindset: Believe me, you’ll be a better person. Obviously–and yet for some reason there is this nagging feeling that this is one of the greatest jokes of all time–this is as inherently anti-art as dadaism.

Does reading Patterson count?


No, but we haveother Patterson titles on our shelves. Waiting For Godot 7 70 Mar 26, Pozzo speaks in a sort of master-to-slave way when addressing Lucky: Lucky’s speech reminded me of reading a passage out of Finnegans Wake. Maybe I’ll just read something else.

Occasional bouts of insight- other times that irritating rapidity with which characters in plays often talk that sounds really unnatural but which I’d probably understand if I tried to write a czdkajc and I saw that the mechanics of its structure necessitated people talking unnaturally. For pretty much the whole first act.

Czekając na Godota by Samuel Beckett (3 star ratings)

Recommended to Czarny by: That’s why we have so many. I will sleep with no plans for the morrow, I’ll wake up with nothing to do. I get the picture. The insignificance of their lives makes sense. What are some issues related to memory in Waiting for Godot? But, without his hat, he collapses. View all 22 comments. One doesn’t actually want to do anything anyway. Across my table is a man, solitary like myself, busy with his cellphone.


Czekając na Godota

View all 4 comments. Acquisitions will be meaningless, adventures tiring. Those irretrievable, inevitable losses!

Two characters that are oftentimes used by other writers in their works: Trivia About Waiting for Godot. Just have a seat over there.

So, my interpretation is the Godot is God, the tree is the cross, Pozzo is the devil and Lucky is his minion. There, I said it. Perhaps for its time, the vacuity of the post-God world and the waiting of the religious dolts in the face of the carnage of the second world war.

Two weeks from now my only son will graduate magna cum laude at the University of the Philippines with a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and this review may just be an excuse to brag about it!

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