CA COSMOPOLITANISM, REMEDIATION, AND THE GHOST WORLD OF BOLLYWOOD DAVID NOVAK University of California, Santa Barbara Over the past. Intro Cosmopolitanism, Remediation, and the Ghost World of Bollywood Double click to crop it if necessary (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr. In this article Novak discusses remediation in regards to Bollywood music, specifically the song-and-dance number “Jaan Pehechaan Ho” from.

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I describe a perfor- mance of the song by a short-lived Bay Area rock band called Heavenly Ten Stems, whose brief life og the early s crystallized the debates around cul- tural appropriation for a nascent underground reception of Bollywood in North America. Majumdar, Neepa The Embodied Voice: I am just a mockery and so are YOU!

Cosmopolitanism, Remediation, and the Ghost World of Bollywood by Preeyanha P on Prezi

Funk from Bollywood Action Thrillers — The Merchants of Bollywood Toby Gough, au. They reappro- priate received materials for widely divergent personal goals, and construct social relations through an intertextual discourse of mediated references.

They did, however, seek to preserve and highlight the strange ways things circulate, by juxtaposing different media to make different kinds of sense. Gopal, Sangita, and Sujata Moorti, eds. Post a Comment Please log in or register to comment. In creating the remediayion for Ghost World, Clowes says, We [Clowes and director Terry Zwigoff ] wanted that stuff to be viewed as oppressive.

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UC Santa Barbara

The productive miscommunications of circulation, too, may create remedies for self-expression within the misalignments of such a global society. Refiguring Art and Anthropology.

Enid knows the dizzy rhythm so well she can close her eyes and reproduce the dance exactly. On the impact of Indian films among post-Stalinist Soviet audiences, see Rajagopalan Who has the right to quote and reference, and which mediations belong to which cultural realms?

I hhe this through an ethnographic analysis of a videotape of the Heavenly Ten Stems, an experimental bollywoof band in San Francisco, whose performance of the song was disrupted by a group of activists who perceived their reproduction as a mockery.

Novak – Cosmopolitanism, Remediation, and the Ghost World of Bollywood | digs2rethno

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Advertising and Globalization in Contemporary India.

Travels of Hindi Song and Dance. In a interview, Kearney argued his position: The power of music cannot close these incommensurable gaps between sources and representations. Cultural Nationalism in a Global Arena. Give examples of cases in which the circulation of media changes the interactions between global cultures.

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Does the process of remediation look different from a local perspective? So in the middle of one song, there was a lot of shouting. Said differently, the techniques of the song-and- dance sequence are circulating technologies of public form, which are increasingly distinct from projects of intercultural translation or the representation of local meaning Gaonkar and Povinelli Maira, Sunaina Desis in the House: Shankar, Shalini Desi Land: But fragile collages of different cultural logics do not always hold together.


Cultural Anthropology 24 1: What are you wearing? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Describe some recent cultural discourses that have developed through creative projects of remediation. Mazzarella, William a Shoveling Smoke: A few moments after the cosmopolitqnism dissipates, with some players continuing to talk with the protesters offstage, Davies addresses the impatient audience with a halting speech: Popular Music and Technology in North India.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Enid is no closer to understanding Skip James, or the anonymous dance she imitates from Gumnaam, and she knows it. What cosmipolitanism out is not cultural difference but the way forms detach from cultural context, often producing an absurd affect that distances the viewer from the original stage of media production.

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