CISSP aide memoire (e) v4 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. CISSP aide-mémoire By Éric Allaire, , CISSP, P+CP [email protected] com August 9, Table of contents REFERENCES USED. If you’ve done a lot of research on test-taking tips for the CISSP Exam, have hands-on, real-world experience and a copy of the “CISSP aide memoire” discussed.

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Look for obviously wrong answers. I booked a course for late November in Minneapolis and continued my studies. Then, just a week before the session I got the news — the session was canceled owing to not enough registered attendees! I responded and told them that I would go with Atlanta, GA and made my travel changes.

I would have given this resource more than 7 out of 10 if Shon had let her co-workers do more of the videos — I found hers to be dry and full of indifference.

During the months leading up to my exam I was taking 12 credit hours of classes for my degree and those studies along with the CISSP studies were far more than I should have tried to handle. This book was my final ramp-up to the review seminar. Travel Plans…and Turbulence Ahead! The Shon Harris Kool-Aid strikes again.

Passing the CISSP Exam

These were resources I looked at to some extent, but were not primary sources in my study plan. The intensity is due largely to the fact that our instructor was truly an expert and was able to thoroughly dissect concepts and help us understand the details behind some of the concepts.


I found the movie theater and for the first time in my life I watched a movie… alone. It doubles as easy reading material and an excellent reference source, with a much better ciss; than the OIG and although the practice questions are about the best mejoire can find, they are not quite to the high standards of the actual exam. I knew at this point that there was nothing more I could do to prepare myself and that I needed to go blow off some steam and relax for the day.


For the vast majority of questions I was easily able to eliminate two answers and then use logic to determine the correct remaining answer. I found the practice questions from it were either too detailed in nature or designed to trick the test-taker with trivial content.

Passing the CISSP Exam | Chris Neudecker is helping you learn

Post on Oct 84 views. A seven out of ten puts this book in its spot as a reliable producer, vissp nothing flashy. I purchased enough dinner food to last me through the week so I generally returned ,emoire my room and stayed there for the night.

The Wheat and the Chaff When it came down to it, I was surprised at what materials I found to be useful and what I found to be utterly worthless in my studies. I mmeoire pounded through the questions using this process: It cost me more to print it out and hole-punch it and put it in a binder than for the material itself.

Rinse and repeat Just as I expected, I was moving along at a relatively fast pace. Especially helpful posts include the following:. On January 7th I received the official notification that I had ckssp the exam. As I stated before I aidd a bell-curve approach to my studying, which peaked about 6 weeks before my actual exam. I gave it seven out of ten because it is a solid resource as a high-level go-to book for understanding the basics of a specific concept, explained with graphics and charts.


To keep myself busy over the next few weeks I had decided to pursue my FITSP-M certification so I worked on that after I got back home and having been working towards it as a distractor while I waited for my results.

My CISSP Experience – A Study Plan Memoir

I used this book as nothing but a reference, and it did that very well. After questions I stopped and took a quick break to walk to the bathroom, stretch my legs and eat a granola bar to keep my energy up.

To ajde who are not prepared ahead of time with a base knowledge of the CBK and the various domains, the seminar and related content can be instantly overwhelming and provide an unequaled mental pounding that would be tough to overcome in time to be prepared for the exam on Sunday. The rest of it may or may not be worthless depending on the individual. If this book works for you, all the better — but as for me and my study plan, this one sat gathering dust except when I needed it briefly.

Some of the attendees used the worksheets to test their comprehension, but I found them to be overly basic and not really helpful for my learning style.

CISSP aide-mmoire – Table of contents

Connect with me on LinkedIn if you’d like to establish a mentoring relationship. The course is 27 hours of pre-recorded lecture sessions which are accompanied by a number of high-quality labs and quizzes. I completed this as the first step in my study plan.

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