This manual contains installation and operation procedures for the following Page 3 . Considerations for Safe Operation of Your Biodex Multi-Joint System. Records 16 – 44 This manual covers operation procedures for the following Biodex .. Biodex Multi-Joint System 3, Rev 2 or higher, with the proper hardware. Bi doex. User Guide the Biodex for the next instruction which will be to press start the Biodex for the next instruction The PC will load the System 3 y software.

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The center LED indicates the sensor is active but is not sensing any torque. Passive Mode Clinical Applications1. Principles of body mechanics How to prepare Traditional Lift Model Golfer s Lift The goal of mwnual training is Some skills learned for one transfer More information.

Sports and orthopedic medicine, pediatric medicine, neurorehabilitation, older adult medicine, industrial medicine, and researchers systm on Biodex to provide consistent, accurate, objective data.

Range of Motion Exercises Range of motion ROM exercises are done to preserve flexibility and mobility of the joints on which they are performed. Stabilize patient with shoulder, waist and thigh straps.

BIODEX SYSTEM 3 PRO MANUAL ( # 8 3 5 – 0 0 0 ) Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Multiple Angle Comparison Test Examines isometric maunal flexion peak torque symmetry where the limb position puts the hamstring in a lengthened stretched state. Secure appropriate stabilization straps.


Align shaft red dot with R L. Allow handgrip to rotate as manhal goes through motion. Align patient ankle axis of rotation with dynamometer shaft. In addition, this important software update allows users to download all patient test information at one time and easily convert. Shaft Red Dot dynamometer shaft: For Passive mode dynamometer speed in excess bioddex 65 degs.

The passive mode may be used to work a specific muscle group both concentrically and eccen- trically, e. The glenohumer-al joint is the most mobile joint in the body with global freedom. Passive stretch is the inherent force or torque produced by the hamstring in the lengthened state.


Toe and Ankle Straps Once all adjustments to the footplate have been completed, secure the patient s foot using both the foot and ankle straps. Hip to be tested should be closest to the dynamometer. As the available range of motion decreases for a particular joint, as in short arc exercise, the speed of movement should decrease also.

Do not operate equipment that has malfunctioned until it has been serviced by a qualified technician or use has been approved by a Biodex Service Representative. Attach input tube to dynamometer. Isometric Mode The Isometric mode is commonly used pre and post operatively or when pain associated with motion is a factor.

Shutting Down the System at the End of the Day At the end of your day, switch the computer and dynamometer power switches, located on the front of the controller, to the OFF position. Ask the subject to apply opposing concentric force against the pad or strap. No additional parts required. However, because the Biodex System is so versatile and adaptable, you may find additional setups possible.


System 4 Quick-Setâ„¢ – Dynamometers – Physical Medicine | Biodex

Chair and dynamometer are both setto 0 degrees rotation. Limits should be canceled by pressing Set-up, Start and Setup again at the completion of each test or exercise session.

Thank you for allowingBiodex Medical Systems, Inc. Position and stabilize subject correctly for the intended protocol by refining the seat height, seat position and seatback tilt.

Each receiving tube has a systtem knob. As the available range of motion decreases for a particular joint, as in short arc exercise, the speed of movement should decrease also. Start display at page:. If desired, keep the handgrip loose to obtain active supination or pronation.

Handgrip orientation is horizontal to floor. Raise dynamometer if necessary. After completing the Setup mode routine, select Isotonic mode from the control panel.

Subjects with impingement syndrome may best be worked in the modified neutral position and not 90 degrees of abduction. Keep your thighs parallel manua the More information.

Dynamometer Position Color Codes Place attachment back onto shaft and secure with locking knob.

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