Keywords: Negotiation, mediation, ADR, teaching, communication, questioning, active listening, cartoons, optical illusions, samurai, Barkai. The following is a PowerPoint presentation about the 36 Chinese Strategies as applied to negotiations that I have used many times. You can find more about. Barkai, John, Cultural Dimension Interests, the Dance of Negotiation, and Weather Forecasting: A Perspective on Cross-Cultural Negotiation.

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Boulware did not offer any later concessions. What are you willing to do to resolve this dispute? Later, they will say that there are “additional” charges or that the circumstances have changed. Leaving a job nnegotiation a better job. They use techniques like open-ended questions, follow-up questions, clarifying questions, and active listening. Can you get me more information before I decide?

Tend to have sharply defined interests.

Use it only if necessary and nrgotiation his resistance by exercising restraint and reassuring him that your goal is mutual satisfaction, not victory. ISFP Refiring, quietly friendly.

“Teaching Negotiation and ADR: The Savvy Samurai Meets the Devil” by John Barkai

In your legal negotiations, look for a non-costly concession to negotiatuon early. If you can’t get such information before making an offer, askyourself, “Will I be happy if the offer is accepted quickly? Take it or leave it.

Need harmony and may be good at creating it. Your goal is not to win over nsgotiation but to win him over. Opening demands are particularly significant because they are the first actions which begin to influence the perceptions of the bargaining range.


Be far more extreme than what you are willing to accept.

Relationships Matter Pawnbrokers, like lawyers, develop reputations and depend on relationships to succeed. What do I know? Unfortunately, negotiwtion many negotiators have the same “fixed-pie” bias that kept the sisters fighting over the orange: John Barkai William S. Is that the best you can do? Verify anything you are told that you do not know to be a fact. He expects you to attack or to resist.

A small concession asked for at the end of a negotiation is called a “nibble. Being aware of the tendency to escalate can also be very helpful in anticipating how opponents are likely to think and act. Association is a similar tactic using borrowed authority, where negotiators seek legitimization by making some claim of important association such as name-dropping.

Is it worth serious negotiating on this one? In these situations, the negotiator may try to impose a negotlation. Yeah, that’s what I said. And, I hope I have helped you demonstrate some of the techniques that you have talked about. A hostage taker adds credibility to his bargaining position if he shoots one of several hostages, but in so doing he also risks ending the negotiations.

This threat would generally not move my father to part with more money. Evidence of statements or gestures that express sympathy, commiseration, or condolence concerning the consequences of an event in which the declarant was a participant is not admissible to prove liability for any claim growing out of the event. Ah, I’d say communication skills.


Negotiators should realize that good barkia techniques can help them to be successful, and they should pay attention to, and practice good communication techniques.

Negotiation Handout – University of Hawaii

Discover reputation beforehand 2. Quietly forceful, conscientious, concerned for others. Think in terms of interests Classify the type of negotiation: How much are you willing to come down? A brick corridor four or five feet wide, formed by the side of our building and the one next door, terminated in a brick wall, in front of which Dad layered wood and metal to absorb the bullets. Do you ever find yourself at a loss for words?

So, how do you feel personally?

Why should you start high? Times, by Stuart Woods It is a luxury to be negootiation. That’s helpful, keep going. Likely to be honored and followed for their clear convictions as to how best to serve the common good INTJ Usually have original minds and great drive for their own ideas and purposes. Become an Effective Negotiator. Examples of life goals: This is what we recommend… I can. In any negotiation there must a degree of power and motivation to fill a need on both sides.

Illinois – reactions of professionals to situations involving some form of apology, mainly a legal settlement after an accident.

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